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Key Features of Our Storage Heaters


For qualifying homes we install Elnur Gabarron HHR (High Heat Retention) Storage Heaters. This Elnur combi storage heater offers electric storage heating alongside fan-assisted heating to provide powerful economy heating.

The High Heat Retention heater is made of steel with a white finish and offers a simple to use LCD display with a digital timer and preinstalled modes.

The HHR Storage Heater comes with the following key features:

12 year warranty

  • Fan assisted heat distribution
  • Weekly / daily programming

  • Backlit LCD display

  • Class 1 insulation

  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.

  • Adaptive Start technology

  • Preinstalled modes: Comfort, Economy, Frost-protection

  • Compatible with two period off-peak electric tariff in a single 24 hour interval

    Elnur Gabarron HHR Storage Heaters
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Energy Saving Features

The Elnur Gabarron HHR Storage Heater has a wealth of energy saving features so that it is environmentally friendly whilst also cost effective to run.

The HHR storage heaters uses low cost, off-peak energy by charging at night when the electricity tariff is cheaper. Heat is then stored in the storage heater and released slowly only when required.

The HHR heater comes with an adaptive start feature ensuring the room is maintained at the correct temperature according to your chosen settings. The heater will learn how you use your heating and can become more efficient, by changing the time it emits its heat and and takes on additional stored heat.

The HHR heater utilises an onboard sensor to measure heat loss called Open Window Technology. This feature monitors your room temperature and slows its heat output when a change is detected. This feature significantly reduces heat wastage when windows or doors are open in the house and further saves you money on your heating bills.

The Elnur Gabarron HHR comes with overheat protection functionality which activates a safety cut-out.

Our approved installers will fit the correct size and power output to suit your home.

ELNUR was founded in 1973 and since then, have established themselves as one of the leading European providers of the most efficient heating system in the world: electric heating.

Over 40 years later, they maintain the same enthusiasm and commitment to offering a wide range of unique products which cater for the varying needs of their customers, wherever in the world they may be.

With a commercial presence in more than 35 countries, Elnur have gained a presence in thousands of homes, always offering the best solution in electric heating.